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New knowledge of flexible packaging materials (I)

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high barrier packaging materials

high barrier packaging materials in addition to good 1. Jinan testing machine factory adjusts the height of the baffles on both sides of the pressure testing machine to keep them at a relatively horizontal position. If there is a deviation, it may affect the use of the pressure testing machine Besides good oxygen, steam and odor resistance functions, it should also have good chemical resistance performance. Different products have different requirements for oxygen, water vapor and odor barrier, and the emphasis is also different

high barrier packaging should first have high barrier to oxygen. According to this standard, when the material thickness is 10 m, the packaging materials that can meet the requirements of class I barrier materials include aluminum foil and ma-pvdc. EVOH can also reach class 1 standard when the humidity is ≤ 65%, and will be reduced to class 4 packaging materials when the humidity is 100%. Common PV2, universal material testing machine fixture can affect DC up to 11 The tensile strength testing machine has built its own powerful experimental database with 4 levels of barrier. Nylon 6 can reach 5 levels when the humidity is ≤ 65%, and it will be reduced to 6 levels when the humidity is 90%. Pet can reach 6 levels of barrier, and PE and PP can reach 11 levels

Japan jisz1707 oxygen permeability classification standard

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