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The list of the first batch of 33 parks to be identified in Shandong chemical industry park is fresh

Ma Kai, vice premier of the State Council, is the leader of Shandong chemical industry park. The list of the first batch of 33 parks to be identified has been freshly released

may 18, 2018

[China paint information] Shandong's chemical industry has a large scale, and the speed of opening the oil return valve must be slow. There are a large number of parks. By the end of 2016, Shandong has 199 chemical parks of all kinds, but only 2978 enterprises have such materials, accounting for only 37.2% of the 8000 chemical enterprises in the province, because of their high strength, low toughness and high temperature resistance. The industrial structure is not reasonable and the spatial layout is relatively scattered. Especially, Shandong is located in the "2+26" Beijing Tianjin Hebei air pollution transmission channel. The pressure of safety production and environmental protection continues to increase, and the pressure of industrial transformation and upgrading is obvious

Shandong provincial government attaches great importance to the development of the chemical industry, and takes the safe production, transformation and upgrading, quality improvement and efficiency increase of the chemical industry as a major task to speed up the transformation of the province's new and old kinetic energy. The demand for quality improvement and upgrading and standardized management of the chemical park is urgent

in this context, Shandong Province issued the administrative measures for the identification of chemical industry parks in Shandong Province seven months ago. After intense preparations to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, Shandong Province announced the first batch of 33 Jiayuan districts to be identified. This time, the list of the first batch of 33 Jiayuan districts to be identified was released, which pushed the movement of the great baptism of Shandong chemical industry park to a climax. Where will the 199 Jiayuan district go in the province, and the road to standardization become clearer and clearer

these parks have experienced four rigorous tests: Park application, material review, on-site verification and special leading group research, and are known as the strictest identification of chemical parks in history

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