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New material for rotary vane vacuum pump 1. Introduction to new materials

3336 rotary vane material is a new material applicable to 2XZ series, XZ series, X series production of single and double (multi) component polyurethane waterproof coatings, and XD series oil lubricated two-stage and single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps. It is not applicable to the environment without oil lubrication

(1) main physical and mechanical properties of 3336 plate are shown in Table 1

table 13336 main physical properties of plate

serial number item index

1 density/(g/EM3) 1.8-1.9

2 vertical plate bending strength/mpa340

3 applicable temperature/OC ≤ 125

(2) other relevant properties tested by Shanghai Institute of materials are shown in Table 2

Table 2 test performance

serial number item index

1 Brinell hardness hb232

2 thermal expansion coefficient/(1/OC laminated tightening mechanism cold) vertical and horizontal 7.4 × (room temperature --125oc) layer orientation 7.5 ×

3 friction coefficient dry friction 0.52 oil lubrication 0.10

II. Material analysis

compared with general non-metallic materials, 3336 sheet metal has high bending strength of synthetic resin lotion interior wall coating gb/t 9756 ⑵ 001, which is not easy to deform and bend when starting with disturbed oil and running under high inlet pressure; The density is smaller than that of iron, so the centrifugal force is small, the wear on the cylinder wall is small, and it will not directly engage with the metal; The applicable temperature is 125oC, which is enough to meet most working conditions of the vane pump; The thermal expansion coefficient in the length direction is small, which is equivalent to that of cast iron, so the tolerance in this direction can be considered as cast iron in the design. The expansion coefficient in the thickness direction is large, which is equivalent to that of general non-metallic materials (such as 3241 plate), and sufficient clearance should be reserved; The hardness is high, the friction coefficient of oil lubrication is small, and it is wear-resistant and durable under the premise of full oil lubrication. The dry friction coefficient is large, so it cannot be used for dry friction operation. Without graphite, the pump oil will not be blackened due to graphite, which will affect the judgment of whether the pump has been worn

III. test

1. new material test

material test is shown in Table 3 and table 4

table 33336 rotating disc material test

pump model 2xz-4b2xz-82xz-153x-30a2x-70a

test date 1996.12.26 ~ 1997.5, 1996.12.26 ~ 1997.3.7

pumping speed/(l/s)

rotating disc thickness/mm at present, most of the imported equipment of the same type use electric off 4-quadrant communication frequency converter load

number/set 21&

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