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Catalogue of key products of strategic emerging industries (Draft) - new materials

catalogue of key products of strategic emerging industries (Draft) - new materials

October 11, 2012

[China coating information] 6 new materials

6.1 new functional materials

6.1.1 what are the new metal functional materials of the static load material testing machine

molybdenum copper alloy (tungsten molybdenum material), titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM) alloy (tungsten molybdenum material), Rare earth molybdenum alloy (tungsten molybdenum material), high specific volume tantalum powder (tantalum niobium material), high performance niobium alloy (tantalum niobium material), rare precious metal material, high performance target, ultra-fine high-purity active zinc powder (high-purity metal and semi metal material), metal powder material, new metal fiber porous material, cobalt based amorphous soft magnetic alloy strip (amorphous material), nickel based amorphous soft magnetic alloy strip (amorphous material), Al CA alloy, Al in alloy, Al Ca in alloy; Tantalum niobium materials, tungsten molybdenum materials, tantalum niobium materials, nuclear grade rare metal materials, beryllium materials and beryllium products (rare and precious metal materials), titanium and other rare metals and their alloy calendering materials, cemented carbide materials, metal powder materials

6.1.2 new functional ceramic materials

thermoelectric ceramic materials, piezoelectric ceramic materials, ferroelectric ceramic materials, dielectric ceramic materials, superconducting ceramic materials, high thermal conductivity ceramic materials, magnetoresistive ceramic materials, spintronic ceramic materials, low-temperature sintering composite ceramics, high-temperature filtration and purification porous ceramic materials

6.1.3 rare earth functional materials

high performance rare earth (permanent) magnetic materials and their products, rare earth catalytic materials, rare earth hydrogen storage materials, rare earth luminescent materials, giant magnetostrictive materials, rare earth optical fibers, rare earth laser crystals, rare earth precision ceramic materials, high performance rare earth polishing materials, rare earth magneto-optical storage materials, and rare earth magnetic refrigeration materials

6.1.4 high purity elements and compounds

high power graphite electrode, graphite for lithium-ion battery cathode, mesophase carbon microsphere, artificial diamond, high-purity germanium, high-purity tellurium, high-purity selenium, high-purity cadmium, high-purity mercury, high-purity arsenic, high-purity sulfur, high-purity gallium arsenide, high-purity gallium selenide, high-purity cadmium telluride

6.1.5 surface functional materials

functional coatings new coating materials, environmental protection anti-corrosion coatings, environmental protection high-performance industrial coatings, high-temperature ceramic coating materials, high-grade automotive metallic pigments, water-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, high-temperature and strong alkali resistant coatings, fire retardant coatings, magnetic thermal sensitive coating materials, and self-cleaning coating materials

6.1.6 high quality new organic active materials

high quality inorganic pigments, new organic/reduction/disperse dyes, high quality organic pigments, lithopone, new ink, PCB free copper phthalocyanine, fluorescent whitening series

6.1.7 new membrane materials and components

biological functional and biomimetic separation membrane materials, proton membrane materials, ion exchange membranes, functional polymer membrane materials, homogeneous series charge pad membranes, polyolefin microfiltration membranes, liquid degassing membranes, vapor-liquid phase separation membranes, membranes for intra membrane transfer, membrane materials for chlor alkali, inorganic separation catalytic membrane materials, reverse osmosis membrane materials and components, ceramic separation membrane materials and technologies, Pervaporation and vapor pervaporation membrane materials, other functional membrane materials

6.1.8 functional glass and new optical materials

optical functional glass and fiber, electromagnetic functional glass, heat-resistant glass, mechanical functional glass, aviation and vehicle special glass, energy-saving glass, optical crystal materials, environmental functional (dimming, sound insulation, heat insulation, electromagnetic shielding, anti radiation) glass, etc

6.1.9 electronic functional materials

gan, SiC, znxe and other compound semiconductor materials, LED optoelectronic material products, gas fastening or inspection motor troubleshooting sensitive elements, humidity sensitive, photosensitive materials, giant magnetic impedance and other sensing materials

6.1.10 eco environmental materials

biological materials, environmental degradation materials, engineering environmental protection coatings, environmental pollution control materials, substitute materials for restricted substances in electronic and electrical products, low-carbon and environment-friendly packaging materials, and ecological building materials

6.1.11 new energy materials and devices

nickel metal hydride battery materials and devices, fuel cell materials and devices, no battery materials and devices, super capacitor materials and devices, random information storage materials at the first test point of energy storage

6.1.12 high quality synthetic rubber

heat resistant, corrosion resistant and wear-resistant functional rubber, special rubber materials, fluororubber, silicone rubber, ABS and its modified products, hips and its modified materials, special materials for unsaturated polyester resin

6.1.13 high performance sealing materials

high efficiency sealants, sealants and tapes, covering parts of cars and medium and high-grade light vehicles, sealing materials for structural parts and power transmission, vibration damping and braking systems, sealing parts for high-pressure, hydraulic and pneumatic systems of large complete sets of equipment, sealing parts for high-temperature and high-pressure machinery of electric equipment, non-contact gas film seals of high-speed turbine compressors for petrochemical industry, metal magnetic fluid seals, High performance asbestos free sealing material, high performance carbon graphite sealing material, high performance pressureless sintered silicon carbide material, polysulfide sealing material for aerospace

6.1.14 new catalytic materials and additives

solid acid catalyst, solid base catalyst, biocatalyst, new petrochemical catalyst, chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental protection catalyst, new coal chemical catalyst, high temperature fuel cell catalyst, new photocatalytic materials

6.2 advanced structural materials

6.2.1 high quality special steel materials

special steel profiles and forgings for nuclear power, ultra supercritical thermal power, high-performance automobile, high-speed railway, high-quality stainless steel products, high-performance tool and die steel, corrosion resistance. This device adopts reasonable auxiliary equipment corrosion and high temperature resistance, high-pressure high-strength steel, high-performance engineering steel products, etc; Iron base superalloy castings, special steel castings, weldable steel castings for high-strength low-temperature and ultra-low temperature, special varieties of advanced seamless pipe products, etc

6.2.2 high performance non-ferrous metal and alloy materials

nickel base alloy and cobalt base alloy casting products, high-precision copper and tube, rod, linear material products, copper nickel, copper titanium, beryllium copper and other copper alloy tube, rod, linear material products, high-strength and high conductivity copper products, electrolytic copper foil, rolled copper foil products, electronic copper, copper alloy lead frame, high-performance plug-in components and other electronic products, Other high-performance copper and copper alloy calendering products, high-performance aluminum and aluminum alloy wires, bars, strips, tubes, plates, profiles and other products, capacitor aluminum foil, hydrophilic, ultra thin aluminum and aluminum alloy foil, aluminum and aluminum alloy products processed by semi solidification solid casting; Pure nickel, nickel alloy wire, wire, bar, pipe, strip, plate and other profile products, printed nickel and other products, high-performance magnesium alloy extruded profile, cast rolling, hot rolling, precision rolling plate products, high-strength aluminum alloy forgings, titanium and titanium alloy die forgings, cast forgings, large-size special titanium alloy forgings, magnesium alloy forgings

6.2.3 new structural ceramic materials

transparent alumina materials, high-purity zirconia materials, new superhard materials (silicon nitride, boron nitride, boron carbide), ceramic fiber composites, zirconia toughened ceramics, and artificial gemstones

6.2.4 engineering plastics and modified materials

new engineering plastics and plastic alloys, new special engineering plastics, new fluoroplastics, liquid crystal polymers, high-performance thermoplastic resins, flame retardant modified plastics, general plastic modified materials, automobile lightweight thermoplastic composites; New polyurethane materials; Phenolic resin

6.3 high performance composites

6.3.1 high performance fibers and composites

high performance carbon fibers and their composites, high-strength glass fibers, continuous basalt fibers, ceramic fibers and other inorganic non-metallic high-performance fibers and their composites, aramid fibers, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers and their composites; Polysulfone fiber, polyphenylene sulfide fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, polyimide fiber, phenolic fiber and other new fibers with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength and high modulus, fire resistance, conduction and other functions. High performance resin composite high-efficiency low-cost molding technology, aircraft structural composite integrated molding technology, high-efficiency automatic molding technology, low-temperature curing and new curing molding technology

6.3.2 metal matrix composites and ceramic matrix composites

aluminum matrix composites reinforced with silicon carbide, boron carbide, silicon nitride fibers, whiskers, particles, etc., copper matrix composites, titanium matrix composites, magnesium matrix composites, nickel matrix composites, beryllium matrix composites, refractory metal matrix composites, superalloy matrix composites, and intermetallic compound matrix composites. Silicon nitride, silicon carbide and other high-temperature structural ceramic matrix composites reinforced with continuous silicon carbide and other fibers, whiskers and particles

6.4 frontier materials

6.4.1 nano materials

carbon nanotubes, carbon nanotube fibers, fullerenes, graphene, nano powder materials, nano oxygen fiber materials, nano metals, nanocrystals, nano ceramics, nano polymers, nano composites, nano optoelectronic materials, nano catalytic materials and nano biological materials

6.4.2 smart materials

high performance piezoelectric materials, high performance electrorheological materials and elastomers, high performance magnetorheological materials and elastomers, smart polymer gel, shape memory polymer, smart polymer fabrics, smart polymer composites (smart materials), smart polymer films, smart temperature control and energy saving functional films, smart drug release materials

6.4.3 superconducting materials

superconducting wire, superconducting tape, superconducting cable, superconducting film, high temperature superconducting current limiter, high temperature superconducting filter and superconducting transformer

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