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New login method of e-mail: dynamic password login

people who use e-mail often encounter a problem. They are always afraid of being stolen by others when entering their own e-mail on computers in public places such as the bar. These are all caused when we change the station information. We remember our e-mail password, but if you are an e-mail user, this problem can be easily solved. E-mail has recently added a new login method, called dynamic password login. This function allows users to apply for a temporary login password with which flame retardants and smoke suppressants are used. Users can log in through this password, and the function will not be affected after login. This is undoubtedly more secure for users who use mailboxes on bars or public computers to log in to their mailboxes with dynamic passwords

public environment Inner Mongolia graphene Materials Research Institute was officially established. The use of dynamic passwords is more secure.

a large number of account theft cases tell us that in the bar and public network environment, we should pay great attention to the security of personal accounts. If dynamic password is used to log in, the account security with stable and reliable user performance will be greatly improved. The dynamic password login function of e-mail has been launched recently, which can help make the user account of e-mail more secure in the public network environment

according to the introduction, the dynamic password login function will now be provided to e-163126 e-mail users. The dynamic password is only valid within 5 minutes and will be invalidated immediately after use, ensuring the security of the account. The mailbox function will not be affected if you use a dynamic password to log in to the mailbox. Therefore, if the user forgets the mailbox password, he can also temporarily log in to the mailbox with a dynamic password

dynamic password is very simple to use. On the login page of e-mail, select dynamic password to log in. After entering the e-mail account, click to obtain the dynamic password. The system will send the dynamic password to the user through SMS or e-mail. The user can log in to the e-mail by entering the dynamic password in the password box, as shown in the following figure

it is easier for e-mail users to log in to e-mail.

it is understood that if an e-mail user is an e-mail user, the dynamic password will be directly sent to his e-mail. If the user is not an e-mail user, the first three dynamic passwords will be sent to the user in the form of free SMS, and then the user is required to use e-mail to receive

in addition, the user can also directly scan and log in the QR code with easy letter to log in to the mailbox. The e-mail scanning QR code login function is safer and faster for users who use the mailbox in the bar or in the public network

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