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With the first batch of post-80s entering their thirties, the post-80s began to become the main force in various fields. Similarly, they, who are about to enter the marriageable age, are also "big customers" of housing, home decoration and home appliance stores. However, many post-80s generation are new to the society, and they are short of funds and experience in housing decoration. They often become the target of "being slaughtered"

today, the author will tell you about the most important link in decoration - determining the budget, making the decoration budget accurate and knowing well, so as to try to avoid the trap of unscrupulous businessmen in decoration. All post-80s generation who are going to decorate their houses, come and have a look

1. What is the use of decoration budget

is the basis for the decoration company and the owner to sign the contract, withdraw the project funds and settle the project; It is the basis for formulating decoration plans and implementing economic accounting

2. Necessary data for determining the decoration budget

(1) decoration engineering design drawings. Including the planning drawing, that is, the plane sketch before the interior decoration and the plane sketch in the decoration, and the local detail drawing

(2) decorative effect drawing

(3) construction scheme of decoration works

3. Determination method of decoration budget

(1) collect data

(2) be familiar with the contents of drawings and master the design intent

(3) apply the quota or unit valuation table to calculate the direct fee

4. Composition of decoration budget

the total cost of decoration should be: main material cost + auxiliary material cost + labor cost + design cost + management fee + tax

main materials refer to the finished and semi-finished materials involved in the decoration construction according to the construction area or single project, such as wood floors, tiles, sanitary ware, lamps, hardware, etc

5. Factors affecting the decoration budget

the price of materials is the basis of quotation, and the quality of materials is also one of the factors determining the price. The material with solid texture and good workmanship is relatively expensive, on the contrary, it is relatively cheap; The other is the brand. The materials with famous brands and good reputation must be more expensive than those from small nameless factories

the qualification of decoration companies is also a factor. Excellent decoration companies should have offices, design departments, engineering supervision departments, material supporting centers, finance departments, audit departments, etc. These all require certain fees, which will naturally be reflected in the price





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