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From July 8 to 11, 2015, Shangpin Bense brought different aesthetic enjoyment to the visitors of Guangzhou Construction Expo. The home hotline and the reporter of "wooden door world" made an exclusive interview with lishiyang, the operation director of Shangpin Bense wooden door business department, with the theme of "foresight? Home"

from July 8 to 11, 2015, as the leader in fashion and art in the industry, shangpinbense brought a different aesthetic enjoyment to the visitors of Guangzhou Construction Expo this time. The home hotline and the reporter of "wooden door world" made an exclusive interview with lishiyang, the operation director of shangpinbense wooden door Business Department of Shandong Xindi home decoration Co., Ltd., with the theme of "foresight? Home"

on site interview guests: lishiyang, operation director of Shangpin Bense wooden door business department of Shandong Xindi home decoration Co., Ltd.

lishiyang, operation director of Xindi business department

dealers stopped in front of Shangpin Bense exhibition hall to watch the

Home hotline: we all know that new products are often the wind vane of trends, so what new products did your company bring in this Construction Expo, and what are the highlights

President Li: Yes. We can also see the new products promoted in this Construction Expo, but many media are asking me that the color of this year's new products is almost similar to the color and style of the exhibition in Milan. Now there are some luxury goods like Hermes and Lv. They just released the color popular in 2015 this year, which is just similar to the color opportunity of our company to develop products. This year, we have made some improvements not only in the color of the door, but also in the style of the door. And the improvement is not only on the line, but also on the shape. What's more, an unprecedented improvement has been made in the structure of the door and the technology of the door. This improvement allows dealers to come to our exhibition hall and see that there is a clear difference between our exhibition hall and the previous exhibition hall, and this difference will enable it to have a better customer experience in the store and better sales. Another is that many of the wooden doors this year are similar to those before, but they look very different. Because we have done the best matching with the existing wooden doors in the matching of doors and the selection of color difference of walls. The highlight of this CCPIT Expo is not so much how much new things we bring to end consumers, but rather that we have come up with the best customer experience program this time

home hotline: we saw a lot of intelligent and personalized customized products in this China Construction Expo. How does your company do this? What effect does the product bring to consumers? What kind of innovation is there in the technology of the product

president Li: to say intelligent and personalized customization, it varies from person to person. Everyone's needs are different. For the same door, the door that children need is relatively soft, and the door that adults need is more compatible with the whole home. Other post-80s and post-90s, young people like to have a literary atmosphere, which matches their own personality. We have designed different doors for different personalities. This is a customization of personality. We will design different doors according to different ages, occupations and personalities. For example, we have modern simple doors and aesthetic doors. But this year, we still take a personalized route that tends to aesthetics. Why tend to aesthetics? Just like our slogan, "the leader of fashion and art". Of course, this art is expressed in the form of the door and the workmanship of the door. Both workmanship and form should express the breath of art. In addition, we have a sliding door, a revolving door, and a closet door. I think these doors are improved in intelligence. We usually push or pull a door, but the new door we bring is rotating and obstacle free. Even if you push the door from any angle, you can see the things inside or the space inside very smoothly. Our wardrobe door is a combination. You can open the first class or the second class. Because the house type of the post-80s and post-90s will be relatively small, and your children are around. The space occupied by adults to open the first class is relatively small. Children don't have to get out of the way, just open one

home hotline: your company has done very well in product innovation. Now many traditional enterprises have begun to move into the field of e-commerce, combining online and offline to promote their brands. What kind of breakthrough has your company made in the marketing model

president Li: e-commerce is the most frequently asked question in the past two years, as if a company is not a normal company or a new company if it is not exposed to the Internet or electricity. But I don't think that the traditional manufacturing industry like ours can't touch the electricity and access the Internet, which is not necessarily related to the innovation and timeliness of the enterprise. However, as for e-commerce, it is undeniable that it is a wind vane of the future trend, including all fast-moving products, including all household appliances are gradually turning to fast-moving sales. It is inevitable that wooden doors of household building materials will be more and more displayed in this aspect. But at present, we can't predict that when the home building materials industry develops to another kind of channel for publicity and promotion, will online promote a new channel, that is, the channel we don't know now, to replace the existing online sales? There may be, but in view of the current situation, we are also actively expanding network channels. Our next plan is to build a tmall online mall. It is also possible to choose a platform. We open an online exclusive store. All our e-commerce plans are available

home hotline: last question, you just mentioned that your company's products are based on aesthetic and artistic doors and windows. What kind of idea was it based on at the beginning? What kind of physical feeling does it bring to consumers

president Li: now we have a word for design and Aesthetics: we pay special attention to design this year. Whether in store design or door design, we hope that the door design is to give consumers the feeling of integration, rather than a mosaic. Why is it inlay and integration? Our current door is inlaid into the wall hole. From the word inlay, the door is forcibly inlaid in another form. It is two different things, and then put into one piece. Maybe the process of putting it together is very stiff. We want to make it softer, so that our door style must match the customer's home environment, style and style. So this year we pay special attention to the feelings and feelings brought by the door to customers. In order to let customers have this sense of integration, we focus on an innovation in the design of doors. This year, we are serious about the design, as well as the research and development of doors. Of course, this seriousness will be transferred to the form of doors. Then how can we make the door form better, or make it more perfect, or make it more fashionable, so that customers can feel that this is a kind of integration. But I think we all have a concept, such as girls will like makeup, makeup will do the primer, make a facial mask, and do a lot of things. Making this kind of thing is actually a process of integrating the left and right elements, rather than a process of coating or smearing, so these things are integrated rather than coating or smearing, because what all things want to express is one thing, that is aesthetics. In this exhibition, we will pursue every detail in the wooden door, our remote configuration and our exhibition hall, and we will also consider it from the perspective of beauty. I think if all the beautiful things are combined together, it is not a mosaic, but a fusion, so if the beautiful things are superimposed together, it will reflect artistry and a sense of space. Human development is a goal, which is to constantly increase the comfort of their lives, material satisfaction and ideological abundance. We want to maximize the existing comfort that can provide space for everyone





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