Material selection for pre decoration preparation

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It is very important in the process of decoration, but the majority of friends do not know much about this work. Now I will tell you some places that are easy to overlook, so as to avoid losses caused by improper selection of materials

the reporter has investigated several owners who have been decorated and are in the process of decoration and found that most of them know little about the decoration quotation in black and white. When the decoration and settlement begin, they often find that the actual expenditure is very different from the budget on the quotation

decoration quotation (called decoration budget by insiders), what is its function? Is there anything fishy about the clearly written project? To this end, the reporter asked a number of people in the decoration design industry how to understand the quotation. In their view, it is not easy for ordinary business owners to understand the decoration quotation, because many professional knowledge is hidden under the rules of the quotation, and non-standard decoration companies may use these professional knowledge to make articles that owners cannot understand

insight: the five traps in the quotation

once the trap lowers the price of a single item

it sounds too fishy for the decoration company, the owners will ask their friends who have been decorated in advance, or go to the market to understand the price of a certain material, but the information they know is often one-sided. For example, an owner knows the current unit price of floors and tiles, but he does not necessarily know the labor cost of floor installation and tiling, so he cut down the price of floors and tiles, but suffered a loss in labor cost


look at the decoration quotation. Don't just focus on the single price of a certain item, but combine the costs of labor, loss, machinery and other aspects as well as the costs of other items. If you find that a certain price is particularly low, then you have to review the prices of other items

trap 2 omits some main materials for hard decoration

this is probably a problem encountered by many decoration owners. Some main materials were deliberately omitted from the decoration quotation. The owner was attracted by the quotation with reasonable overall price and signed the contract readily, but in the next decoration process, the owner will continue to pay out for these malicious forgetfulness of the decoration company


the interviewed insiders suggested that the owner should first be a villain and then a gentleman. According to the design drawings, it is required to write clearly all the main materials in the decoration contract or agreement, and indicate whether the buyer is the decoration company or the owner himself. Generally, the main materials that are easy to be omitted are the materials used for corners, such as background walls and ceilings

"this is a very good self-protection measure for owners, and the same is true for decoration companies!" An insider called this the most powerful way to reduce the greasy decoration

trap three blurs the quality, grade and specification of the selected main materials

this is a trick commonly used by nonstandard decoration companies. Although it states that some materials are needed and indicates the quantity of materials required, it does not state what quality, brand and specification materials are selected

the reporter received a quotation provided by a decoration company to the owner, which said about the aisle background: "aisle background (glass decorative door), main material name: painted glass, quantity: 1.5 square meters, unit price: 220 yuan..." insiders believe that this item is very clear from the price and quality, and the general price that the owner understands from the market may be the same, but in fact, different thickness The prices of glass materials from different manufacturers vary a lot. If decorators change their positions casually, the interests of the owners will be damaged. The standard practice should be to note the thickness, brand and source of the glass behind


the unit price should be matched with the product specification to see the cost, and each item of the quotation is required to explain the various elements of the material in detail as much as possible. During decoration, pay attention to check whether relevant materials are purchased according to the specified requirements

trap 4: steal the material measurement unit

this trick is the most difficult to see through for non professional owners, because owners rarely pay attention to the units on the quotation, and not knowing the different units means that the quotation number deviates greatly. For example, a shoe cabinet is customized, and the quotation says "main material: 8mm glass shelf + 1cm tempered glass + mirror + accessories, unit: item, quantity: 1..." it seems very reasonable. In fact, there is no explanation about the size of the shoe cabinet, leaving enough opportunities for later decorators to drill holes


foreign decoration quotations are generally calculated according to the actual area. All decoration materials are explained in advance, and then the total decoration price is obtained by multiplying the decoration cost per square meter by the total area of the house. Although domestic interior decoration has not yet developed to this stage, it is still recommended to calculate according to the actual area of many projects, such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, etc., and try not to take "item" as the unit, so as to avoid errors in the decoration process

trap 5: the construction process is ambiguous

looking at the numbers without looking at the text description is a problem that most owners often make when looking at the quotation. They always feel that a digital error will cause losses, and the text description must be useless, which is not the case. Whether it is wall coating construction, floor construction or sewer construction, they all have their own construction process requirements. If a process is omitted in the middle, it may cause you a lot of trouble in future life. Problems such as paint falling off the wall and water seepage in the toilet are mostly caused by the poor decoration construction process


learn more about decoration, understand the construction process standards of various projects about interior decoration, and go to the new house decoration regularly to understand the process. This has a certain preventive effect, but the better way is to hire a qualified, professional and stable decoration company to serve yourself

suggestions: interpret the "three looks" of the quotation

a relatively complete decoration quotation, including the decoration budget Annex (legally binding), the budget agreement (indicating the materials purchased by the owner and the decoration company, as well as the model, grade, brand, unit price, etc. of this material) Customer's main material list (the list of main materials purchased by the owner) and decoration quotation list (in addition to the quotation of all materials, there are detailed construction standards)

all the contents add up to a thick material, which makes it a headache for completely layman owners to understand. Industry insiders suggest that owners who do not have time and professional knowledge should not only focus on the price, because the result of your bargaining is only a small advantage, not to mention that the total price obtained by different companies using different materials and different calculation methods is not highly comparable. You can use the following "three looks" to prevent the quotation from being fishy

look at the design drawings, because this is the general plan for decorating the house. You can ask the decoration company to mark all the materials needed in the quotation according to the design drawings without looking at the quotation, and specify the materials purchased by yourself and on behalf of others in the contract, and then decide not to make any changes to the design, so your decoration cost will be very close to your quotation cost in the end

second, look at the main materials, because the cost of main materials accounts for the bulk of your decoration expenditure. You should know the main materials commonly used in the market or the specifications, prices, styles, brands, etc. of your favorite main materials in advance. When looking at the detailed list of quotations, you should first see whether there is a problem with the main materials and whether you have made it clear

third, look at the construction technology, because it determines the decoration quality and service life of the house. Before decoration, you have to understand the general construction process of interior decoration, know how many times the wall coating needs to be painted, how many processes the ground treatment is divided into, and choose a decoration company with good reputation, so as to ensure that there is no problem in quality




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