The growth road of oufeite wardrobe brand

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Ofette is an Italian Chinese, an excellent designer and a happy ambassador. He loves life and is willing to help others

ofette is an Italian Chinese. At the same time, he is an excellent designer and a happy ambassador. He loves life and is willing to help others

in 1989, offert first created a happy life theme home design, which caused a sensation. Since then, offert's works have been like happy angels, bringing a warm and happy life to hundreds of families

in 1994, ofette decided to bring this happy home design to the world and began a happy journey, bringing the happy theme life home design to thousands of families in many countries

in 2004, offert returned to China and found that China was the place that needed happiness most. At the same time, he felt that he was unable to spread happy home life alone. More people must support and work together to complete the great cause of happy communication. With the help of international friends, offert met, knew and made friends with Guangzhou Mingxin Furniture Co., Ltd

in 2005, Guangzhou Mingxin Furniture Co., Ltd. began to research and develop happy life themed furniture, integrating happy elements into furniture, and then bringing happy life to thousands of families through furniture

in 2007, Guangzhou Mingxin Furniture Co., Ltd. launched the brand of oufeite wardrobe. Oufeite successfully won the market with the brand core value concept of customized happy life. Products rich in happy elements and designs with happiness as the mainstream are widely loved by consumers, and become a leading brand with unique competitiveness in the first-line well-known brands of customized wardrobe

with the mission of spreading happiness to thousands of households in the world, ofette people are committed to creating a mainstream happy lifestyle in society. Happiness has become a unique corporate culture, and the mainstream happy lifestyle has also been fully reflected in products. With the persistent pursuit of happiness, strong design and development capabilities, and leading patented technology, ofette people continue to innovate and launch the mainstream happy home, always leading the happy trend of customized wardrobe, and bringing happy home life to millions of families every year




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