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Pulp price changes before the festival rise letters frequently appear

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core tips: [China Packaging News] the top headline on January 19, the price of broad-leaved pulp jumped. Pay attention to observation. In 2019, the quota of the third batch of imported waste paper was announced, only 60000 tons. Before the festival, price raising letters appeared frequently.

people: China's economy has stabilized against the trend, the RMB remains strong, and the exchange rate will remain strong

The implementation of the preferential tax reduction rules for small and micro enterprises of

600billion yuan benefited 95% of the enterprises. The central bank invested a net trillion yuan in one week. The market capital is still not loose, and the market is too short of money. For example, Guanhao hi tech, as the leader of special paper, increased its profit by 115.55% in 2018, reaching about 61million yuan. Its growth highlights are the loss of self-adhesive business and the loss reduction of printing business

new machines for household paper continue to increase. Zhumadian Zhongnan Paper Co., Ltd. will have two more production lines of 20000 tons/year, which are expected to be put into operation in November 2019

Jiangsu Shengda Group Kaisheng Paper Co., Ltd. plans to expand 200000 tons of packaging paper on the basis of the existing 300000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper capacity, and has entered the EIA stage. The task principle is that the servo system controls the electromechanical

Fuyang paper plant, and the transformation direction is basically clear: Chunsheng group has moved to Cambodia to invest 5million tons of white paper, which is planned to be put into operation in 2020; Honghao group has transformed the development of solid-state batteries, charging piles, etc.; Xinsheng group has invested 2.1 million tons of packaging paper industrial park in Malaysia, which is planned to be put into operation in June 2020. It can be predicted that the Fuyang packaging paper industry group, which was shut down and vacated, will again affect the relationship between supply and demand in the future by shifting overseas production to domestic sales

2019 China pulp summit will be held in Hangzhou on March 18, with pulp supply and futures as the theme

recently, in an interview with risi, Brazil's largest pulp supplier expressed the following views on pulp prices: 1) market fundamentals do not support China's current price decline; 2) supply to China will be reduced in the coming months; 3) the pulp market should be subject to supply and demand, It should not be based on speculation and speculation. 4) the current price is inconsistent with the fundamentals. 5) the global 42 day stock represents a balanced supply and demand pattern. 6) some ports do have high inventories. 7) the new capacity of household paper will support the increase of pulp consumption. 8) the current port inventory is high, but the user inventory is low. 9) the shipment volume will be adjusted appropriately in the future. 10) some downtime maintenance has been planned, To reduce the inventory increase in this quarter

[wood pulp]

1 Latest reference pulp price: 5500 yuan/ton for broad-leaved pulp and 5600 yuan/ton for coniferous pulp

2 Fluctuation tips:

recently, the pulp price has stabilized at the bottom, and the futures price has also rebounded obviously. Considering the long Spring Festival holiday, the paper mill is nearing the end of stock preparation, and the pulp price will have a bottom fluctuation process, and it is expected to have an upward trend after the Festival

Toray will enhance its PPS material production capacity 3 External disc observation:

with the decline of domestic spot pulp, in January, the external disc of rainbow needle leaf pulp was 730 US dollars/ton, down 70 US dollars compared with the previous round, and the star broad leaf pulp was 650 US dollars, down 30 US dollars/ton compared with the previous round

[crude oil]

1 Latest price: USD 53.99/barrel

2 Fluctuation tips:

from the high of $77 at the beginning of October to around $42 at the end of December, it starts to rebound. It will be consolidated around $52/barrel in the near future, with a trend of continuing to climb

3. Trend chart:

[thermal coal]

1 Latest reference price: 577 yuan/ton,

2 Fluctuation tips: the coal price is basically at a stage low recently, waiting for the performance after the Spring Festival

3. Trend chart:

[exchange rate]

1 Latest exchange rate: CIF 6.78,

2 Fluctuation tips: the RMB exchange rate has rebounded recently, with a relatively strong performance. 6.. 96 is the fluctuation range in the past six months. The overall exchange rate will continue to adjust and fluctuate with the news of China US relations. In view of the fact that the US dollar is near the end of its strength, the financial industry predicts that the RMB exchange rate will fluctuate in the ± 6% range with 6.72 as the center in 2019

3. Trend chart:

: in the middle and late January, the market is still flat, but the price increase letters began to appear frequently. The price increase letters on the working principle of digital sensors of electronic universal machines appeared in the white card, packaging paper and cultural paper markets. Asia Pacific Senbo announced that the double glue rose by 200 from February 1, becoming the pioneer of leading paper mills. Other paper mills have yet to be observed. Starting the price increase in the off-season, it can be judged that the industry has expectations for the price rebound after the Spring Festival

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