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Zhenpin space design recruitment, looking forward to professional you

design is our common hobby, and

is also an opportunity for us to meet each other

to realize space value and activate space vitality through design,

is the constant pursuit of top quality space design in the past 11 years

we insist on strategic thinking, solve problems, and achieve the goal of "win-win with customers"

we are good at the whole process control and efficient system. We strive for perfection from inspiration to strategy and details

we constantly seek new ideas, design as people, and are committed to being a good builder of a better living space

focus, pragmatism and diligence are our key words,

are also our professional expectations for peer partners

if you also have taste, pay attention to quality and pursue excellence,

we expect you to join us and create extraordinary designs together

we are recruiting

● Master Designer (real estate)

● Master Designer (hotel)

● Designer Assistant

● effect designer

● soft decoration designer

● soft decoration design assistant

Master Designer (hotel or real estate)

Job Description:

1 Responsible for the main creative design of the project scheme and the overall planning of the report text

2. Control the design quality, effect and time schedule in the scheme stage

3. Formulate the project plan, assign design tasks and specific implementation of design details, and supervise the implementation of the project process

4. Supervise and coordinate the relationship between the design projects of each subcontracting discipline and the general project, and command and control the project process

5. Responsible for the selection of main materials of the project

6. Responsible for checking the completed drawing design review at each stage to ensure that the drawings can accurately express the design scheme

7. Project reporting organization and project tracking

8. Organize, coordinate and manage relevant personnel of the project

9. Project completion summary


1 Bachelor degree in architectural decoration design, environmental art, fine arts and other related majors

2. At least 3 years of relevant working experience in design company, with design experience in real estate projects, hotels or large and medium-sized projects; More than two years experience in hotel design company is preferred

3. Proficient in CAD, PS, CorelDRAW and other design software; Master Sketchers who can use sketchup/sketchbook Pro are preferred

4. Creative and executive, strong program ability and comprehension ability; Able to complete the scheme and operate the whole project independently, with high work efficiency

5. Strong project control, organization, coordination and management ability

6. Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit

7. Have rich spatial imagination and visual collocation ability; Be familiar with interior decoration materials and construction process, and have rich application experience in subsequent construction process, structure and material quality design

8. Have high artistic accomplishment and taste, be good at communication, and be able to accurately and completely express their own design ideas

9. Familiar with the popular trends and design characteristics of interior design at home and abroad, strong learning ability, love design work, understand technology, and have excellent creativity

Designer Assistant

Job Description:

1 Be responsible for the design deepening of the project, cooperate with the scheme designer to complete and improve the scheme design

2. Responsible for the designer to deepen the drawing work

3. At the construction drawing stage, cooperate with the designer to complete the construction drawing design and review

4. Cooperate with the designer to confirm the decoration materials

5. Have the ability to track the construction process and solve problems

6. Have the ability to organize and manage preliminary interior design projects


1 College degree or above in architecture, decoration design, environmental art, fine arts and other related majors

2. More than two years of relevant working experience in design company, with certain ability to deepen drawings and construction site work; Experience in drawing construction drawings of hotels, commercial spaces, model houses, sales offices, clubs, etc

3. Proficient in CAD and Photoshop drawing software. Sketchup/sketchbook Pro sketch master or 3DMAX is preferred

4. Be familiar with the construction drawing specification, requirements and construction process, and be familiar with the node detail drawing

5. Have good aesthetic ability and hand-painted performance ability, strong written language expression ability; Understand the latest interior design fashion, and have certain design expression ability in scheme creation

6. Have good professional quality, self-motivated and responsible, work carefully, self-discipline, team spirit, strong coordination and communication skills and service awareness

7. Able to work hard and adapt to the company's rhythm; Adapt to overtime and work under pressure

8. Be able to obey the company's arrangement, and sometimes need to send external construction site supervision and guidance according to work needs

rendering designer

Job Description:

1 Assist the scheme designer to organize and confirm the drawing library, mapping, modeling, rendering, post effect drawing production and modification

2. Control the drawing quality and printing requirements, and confirm the color of the proofing template of the effect drawing

3. Cooperate with the designer to select materials that meet the design requirements

4. Actively participate in deepening the design process and cooperate to complete the design content

5. Cooperate in the production of external publicity materials (brochures, typesetting materials, etc.) of the company


1 Full time bachelor degree or above, major in design or related, at least 2 years of working experience in space design rendering

2. Be able to independently complete the production of renderings (real estate, hotels, clubs, bars, office and other commercial spaces)

3. Have the foundation of interior design, have a certain understanding of architectural landscape, and have strong spatial understanding ability

4. He is good at the performance of various style renderings, and is familiar with lighting, accessories, furniture, soft decoration and space color matching

5. Have strong basic art knowledge and aesthetic ability, and have strong understanding and opinions on modeling, color and light sense

6. Master 2-3 kinds of 3D software (sketchup/3dmax/bender/c4d..), 1-3 rendering software (vr/cr/arnold..)

7. With team work spirit, able to complete design tasks efficiently, have quality requirements for personal works, be proactive, and can accept overtime

soft decoration designer

Job Description:

1 Organize and carry out the soft decoration scheme design of the project, follow up the design scheme in the whole process, and grasp the progress, effect and quality

2. Responsible for communicating with designers and customers on the overall decoration scheme of soft decoration in all links of the design process, following up business negotiations with customers and signing the contract of soft decoration scheme

3. Be able to independently complete the whole process of design documents, fabric selection, artwork selection, installation, handover and acceptance of display design and soft decoration projects

4. Formulate the project work schedule to ensure that the project is completed in order, on time and with quality

5. Control purchase cost accounting

6. Responsible for procurement implementation, installation guidance and site furnishings

7. Be responsible for communicating with the construction party and customer representatives, and follow up the work on the construction site

8. Have the ability to organize and manage preliminary interior design projects

9. Coordinate and arrange assistant to complete settlement data


1 Bachelor degree or above, major in art or environmental art

2. Have at least two years of working experience in soft decoration design and selection, have successful cases in display, furnishings, interior decoration, etc., and have participated in the completion of material design and selection of projects such as model houses, clubs and high-end residential buildings

3. Skilled in CAD, PS, CorelDRAW, word, Excel and other professional software, able to independently operate CAD drawings, modify and proofread

4. Have artistic cultivation, aesthetic awareness, sharp fashion sense, strong work communication skills, team spirit and independent work ability, and love the soft clothing industry

5. Have a deep understanding of the soft decoration interior furnishing market, be familiar with soft decoration furnishing suppliers such as various furniture fabrics, and furniture manufacturers with various styles and prices

6. Volunteers with rich accessories are preferred, those with experience in designing accessories such as model houses, sales offices and clubs are preferred, and those with experience in studying abroad or winning works are preferred

software design assistant

Job Description:

1 Cooperate with designers/soft decoration designers in relevant work, including collecting and sorting data, making relevant design documents and lists, making material samples, and improving settlement data

2. Cooperate with the designer in the project implementation process

3. Assist designers: collect and analyze peer data, submit customer promotional materials, and integrate product resource materials to ensure the effectiveness and confidentiality of the materials

4. Sort out and archive the material samples, deal with the communication problems between the material suppliers and suppliers of the project, prepare the confirmation letter of material use and send a document

5. Cooperate with the site to follow up the work on the construction site

6. Actively cooperate with inquiry, procurement, installation guidance and on-site furnishings

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior

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Zhenpin space design

Zhenpin space design was founded in 2010. It has a special class a qualification for architectural decoration engineering design and focuses on providing architectural consultants, interior design It is an integrated solution for the construction and implementation of soft decoration and high-end boutique projects. It is a professional design agency serving customers in an all-round way

realize space value and activate space vitality by design. Zhenpin space design firmly believes that design is rational and systematic. In the design, we try to combine the design creativity, user experience and customer demands, fully respect the regional culture and traditional crafts, and integrate them into the space narrative through aesthetics and design to form the unique experience of the whole project. In addition, we fully consider the project positioning, natural philosophy and context continuity, break through the boundary, explore the connection between the interior space of the building and pioneer art, popular culture, Oriental temperament, future technology, and practice the infinite scalability of the space: elegant, light luxury

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