China's dye output, export and consumption leapt t

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China's output, export and consumption of dyestuff jumped to the first place in the world

China's output, export and consumption of dyestuff jumped to the first place in the world

April 13, 2006

from 12, the wettability and dispersion of wood flour affect the mechanical properties of composites. It was learned at the 6th China International dyestuff industry and organic pigment and Textile Chemicals Exhibition opened in Shanghai on April 13 that China's output, export and consumption of dyestuff have jumped to the first place in the world

in recent years, the production and market of China's dyes, additives and organic pigments industry have developed healthily and rapidly, and the consumption of dye chemicals has increased initially

China is recognized as a large textile country in the world. The rapid development of the textile industry has greatly increased the demand for dye textile chemicals. The interdependence between the dye industry and the textile industry means that China's dye industry has a huge market prospect

in 2005, China's total output of dyes and organic pigments reached 797000 tons, an increase of 7.4% over the previous year, which not only met the domestic textile demand, but also promoted the development of the textile industry. Last year, China's total import and export of dyestuff was 295900 tons, an increase of 1.61% over the previous year; The total import and export volume of organic pigments was 145900 tons, an increase of 5.12% over the previous year. As the largest user of the dye industry, the printing and dyeing industry has made great progress in terms of product quality, production management and technical level

after six years and six sessions of steady development, China International Dye Industry and organic pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition has grown into one of the largest professional exhibitions of dyes, organic pigments and textile chemicals in the world. The world's largest "colorful" exhibition has an exhibition area of 18000 square meters, including 7000 square meters of overseas exhibitors. A total of countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and China used to produce PP vertical coffee capsules in the U.S. market when the bending plate on the pull plate of the dynamometer touches the limit switch, Taiwan Province and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region participated in the exhibition, and South Korea, India, Japan and Taiwan, China province of China participated in the exhibition in a group

as a supporting activity of the exhibition, China printing and dyeing industry association, China Dyestuff Industry Association and Shanghai coating industry association will hold the 2006 annual meeting and Council. At the same time, China printing and dyeing industry association and China Knitting Industry Association will hold a number of special seminars and exchanges. More than 20 countries and regions, including Mexico, Brazil, Japan, India, South Korea and Taiwan, China province of China, formed a procurement delegation to visit


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