China's discovery of world-class oil fields shook

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China has discovered "world-class" oil fields, and the United States, Japan and Saudi Arabia are trembling

China has discovered "world-class" oil fields, and the United States, Japan and Saudi Arabia are trembling

China's engineering machinery information

at present, 41000 oil fields have been discovered and developed all over the world, with about 26000 gas fields and a total oil reserves of 136.87 billion tons, mainly distributed in 160 large basins. There are 42 super giant oil fields with recoverable reserves of more than 685 million tons in the world, and 328 giant oil fields (more than 68.5 million tons)

PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company has found a new large oil area in the northwest edge of Junggar basin, with an estimated total resource of more than 1 billion tons. Xinjiang Petroleum Bureau has been exploring in relevant areas since 1993. Eight 100 million ton oil fields have been found in three consecutive years, but 1 billion ton oil fields are rare, which is equivalent to about half of the cumulative total output of Daqing oil field. Oil and gas exploration in the slope area of Mahu sag began in 1993. In that year, Xinjiang Petroleum Bureau obtained industrial oil and gas flow in well Ma 2 and discovered Mabei oilfield. Over the past two decades, Xinjiang Petroleum Administration Bureau and oilfield company have always regarded this area as an important exploration field. In 2007, China also found a 1 billion ton oil field in the Bohai Bay, and the actual production was only 1.7 million tons

at present, the domestic existing developed oilfields

the proven output of new crude oil has reached 3.947 billion tons and natural gas has reached 2.3 trillion cubic meters! And the proven resource reserves in the coal area reached 188.6 billion tons! Uranium deposits are also abundant, enough to form a new pattern of development and utilization of uranium deposits in China! The base group of mineral reserves has also made breakthrough exploration progress, and China's mineral resources are gradually rising in the international ranking. The discovery of large oil fields in China is a "blow to the head" for energy exporting countries! Previously, the Middle East, Russia, the United States and other countries unanimously focused on China, hoping to find a solution to the problem here. China's answer may have disappointed them. Although China is the largest energy importer, it is impossible to digest all the extra crude oil available in the current market

Daqing Oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield, Karamay Oilfield, Sichuan Oilfield, Huabei Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Jilin Oilfield, Henan Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Jianghan Oilfield, Jiangsu Oilfield, Qinghai Oilfield, Tarim Oilfield, Tuha oilfield, Yumen Oilfield, Yunnan Guizhou Guangxi Petroleum Exploration Bureau, Jidong Oilfield and other oilfields are open and under exploitation in China, Among them, Daqing oilfield produced 56 million tons of crude oil in 1995, which is the largest oilfield in China, Shengli second and Liaohe third

CNOOC Nanhai East Company

established in June 1983, is one of the four regional oil companies under CNOOC. Responsible for the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in the sea area of about 131000 square kilometers east of 113 ° 10 'east longitude in the east of the South China Sea, and authorize the full implementation of the oil contracts and agreements of foreign cooperation in the sea area. Over the past 13 years, eight oil fields have been completed and put into operation, and the company's annual crude oil output has increased significantly. By 1996, the annual oil output exceeded 10 million tons, ranking the fourth in the middle-aged output of land and sea oil fields in China

as we all know, oil products are the basic energy for a country's development. As we know, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other countries are large oil producers with local tyrants! The so-called relying on the mountain to eat the mountain, relying on the sea to eat the sea! As an important national strategic material, oil must have its existence value. Our country has a vast territory and abundant resources. Taking the road of sustainable development has also made our energy reserves unprecedented sufficient. In terms of crude oil, the first extraction of this black gold from Daqing Oilfield in Northeast China undoubtedly added a lot of oil to my development

Kissinger once said: whoever controls oil controls all countries; Whoever holds the right to issue money controls the world; Who holds the grain; Whoever controls food will control mankind! Of course, there is no doubt that China is a large oil consumer. The international import demand is still very high. The war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a major oil producing country in the Middle East, has not been solved. Frequent accidents have occurred in Nigeria, the United States and Canada, and the hidden dangers of oil production and supply and demand have increased. At this time, China's appearance and storage of 1 billion tons of super large oil fields once again proves that China has great demand, but the domestic oil fields are enough to meet the market demand, and a large number of imports are intended to prepare for the future economic war

recently, news about the discovery of large oil fields in China has emerged one after another. However, in 15 years, China has successfully surpassed the United States to become the world's largest crude oil importer. Many people are depressed. Why does China have so many oil fields and rely heavily on imports from abroad? On the surface, the number of large oil fields in China can make up for the gap in oil demand to a large extent, but we have not taken into account such factors as the location of the oil fields, the difficulty of exploitation and the cost. Since last year, oil prices have been in the downward channel, and imported oil has made our costs cheaper; In addition, oil is a non renewable resource, which is also of great strategic significance to our oil reserves

ordinary people don't care about the fluctuation of international oil prices, because when this force affects individuals and can achieve precise control over output, the energy is almost exhausted! But this force is indeed powerful for the whole country. For China, the dependence on foreign oil imports will rise significantly, which can really suggest that once the technology is implemented in China, it will produce huge social and economic benefits. What can avoid the impact of sharp fluctuations in international oil prices is to replace oil. Looking forward to the future, the real factor driving down oil prices is not shale oil, but technological breakthroughs in new energy (such as solar energy), energy storage technology and electric vehicles. The greater the power of new energy and electricity, the larger the machine. The bottleneck of the development of electric vehicles lies in energy storage technology. China attaches importance to the development of energy storage technology in order to make great progress in new industries such as photovoltaic power generation and electric vehicles and replace oil. I just want to say: China has a vast territory and abundant resources. This surprise should only be the strategic reserve of the rest of China

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