EMU will be fully independent of China's standard

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EMUs will be fully independent of China's standard manufacturing platform

EMUs will be fully independent of China's standard manufacturing platform

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on September 1, the China standard EMU design scheme review meeting organized by China Railway Corporation (hereinafter referred to as) was held in Beijing. According to the agenda, the meeting will review the China standard EMU design scheme

a participant said that the vice president of China Railway Corporation went to two, namely Lu Chunfang and Yang Yudong, who are in charge of railway technology and transportation business. In addition, Fu Zhihuan, former Minister of Railways and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, also attended the meeting

participants said that the review meeting will last for four days and will conduct detailed demonstration on all links of R & D and manufacturing of Chinese standard EMUs

exports are mainly medium and low-end products

a person from CNR said that the research and development of China's standard EMUs has started since the middle of last year. "This work has been done. This time, the design scheme has come out, which should be regarded as a preliminary achievement."

at present, China's high-speed railway going global has almost become a "basic national policy". When national leaders visit abroad, they must call it high-speed railway and sell it abroad as a business card of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Premier Li Keqiang visited China Railway Corporation on August 22. At the symposium, he said that every visit will promote Chinese equipment, and he has special confidence in promoting Chinese high-speed railway. "China's high-speed railway going out can not only promote the export of equipment and labor services, but also continuously improve its comprehensive strength in the international market competition."

however, at present, China's railway equipment manufacturing enterprises, represented by North South railway vehicles, still mainly export medium and low-end products such as locomotives, medium and low-speed passenger cars, trains and subway vehicles. CSR sold a number of EMUs to Georgia in 2011, but CNR said that this EMU is an EMU with a speed of less than 200 kilometers per hour. Such EMUs, diesel EMUs and North-South trains are exported. Strictly speaking, they are only some light rail trains, which is not a concept familiar to the domestic people

the above CNR sources said that at present, CNR's overseas markets are mainly Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Central Asia, the Middle East and Arab regions, and Europe and the United States and other high-end markets are still "not allowed to enter". One reason is that the high-end railway equipment market has long been monopolized by Japanese and European groups. Its representative companies are Alstom of France, Siemens of Germany and Kawasaki heavy industry of Japan. China's high-speed railway originally introduced the technology and standards of these railway giants. Although the pace of autonomy and localization of China's EMUs has accelerated in recent years, some core components and software systems are still subject to foreign countries

multi platform integration

"Another problem with China's high-end EMUs is that in those years, we introduced, digested, absorbed and innovated all the products and technologies of Japan's Kawasaki heavy industry, France's ALSTOM, Germany's Siemens and Canada's Bombardier. There are four product series and technology platforms in China, which is a great obstacle to the component standardization and platform integration of China's EMUs. At present, China hopes to separate these independent platforms Integration to form a unified technical standard and integration platform. " The person said

this time, China's acceleration of the development of China's standard EMUs is also forced by the "going out" of China's railway. At present, China's export of high-end EMUs is rejected by Europe, America and other developed countries. One reason is that China is not fully tenable in terms of independent intellectual property rights. "People only recognize the European system, the Japanese system and the four giants, and there is still doubt whether China's EMUs are independently developed." The person said

however, China's EMUs also have the advantages that other countries in the world do not have. A source close to China Railway Corporation said that China's EMU mileage is much more than that of the whole world combined, and China has a vast territory and complex geographical and climatic conditions. For example, EMUs in alpine areas are not available in other countries, and there are no wind and sand EMUs to operate in the desert of Xinjiang in foreign countries, China's multiple units run on such a long line every day and have accumulated a lot of experience in technology, operation and maintenance, which can not be compared with other foreign giants

participants in the above-mentioned review meeting said that the main purpose of developing China's standard EMU is to create a high-speed EMU design and manufacturing platform suitable for China's national conditions and road conditions through independent innovation, so as to realize comprehensive autonomy; Establish a unified technical standard system to realize the unification of service functions of EMUs and the use of Qinghai hengxinrong lithium industry's 20000 ton lithium carbonate production line, which was put into trial production and maintenance in November 2017, so as to improve efficiency and reduce costs; With the goal of autonomy, serialization and simplification, build a Chinese standard EMU brand and help China's high-speed railway "go global"

it is reported that the research and development of China's standard EMUs is led by China Railway Corporation. It organizes a scientific research team, adheres to the integration of production, study, research and application, and will develop China's standard EMUs with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour in stages

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