Sweet Potatoes - In Majorca simply call them bonia

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Sweet Potatoes - In Majorca simply call them boniatos - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The names given to the starchy root veggies of the sweet potato family represent an overgrown jungle you should avoid trying to penetrate. Depending on which country you are in, the tropical sweet potato can be called a boniato, white yam, Cuban sweet potato, camote, kumara or Florida yam.

That’s just seven names but there are dozens more. Dozens and dozens more. Fortunatelys — just different, for those of us who live in Majorca, we can get by with only three names.

The Spanish call them boniato (also batata) and they are a plant of the Convolvulaceas family. At the Mercat d’OlivarThere were 289,500 new vaccines delivered t, the Santa Catalina market and fruit shops and supermarkets there are two basic kinds: those with white flesh and those with an orange-coloured pulp.

Americans call them yams, a plant of the Dioscoreaceae family of which there are many species. The yam got its name when Portuguese slave traders saw roots being dug up in Guinea on the West African coast. Asking what they were, the answer was ‘nyami’, which simply means ‘something to eat’ in Guineanbusiness boycotts and hate speech toward Muslims..

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